Other Student Services

Student Group Health Insurance Program
All full-time students must enroll in a group health insurance plan OR show evidence of being enrolled in another plan. DeVry has arranged for each student the opportunity to purchase a group health insurance plan at a very nominal cost. This plan is available to students and also provides the option of family coverage for spouse and children. Forms and information are available through the Student Services Office.

Student Phone Calls and Mail
DeVry accepts no responsibility for relaying phone messages to students, with the exception of emergencies and employers. You are responsible for informing the U.S. Post Office, relatives, friends and associates of a proper California mailing address. No department will accept mail addressed to the student in care of the school.

Student Identification
Student ID cards contain your photograph and birthdate and must be carried at all times. Cards are issued during registration and must be validated each semester. Students are required to show their student ID upon request to school officials; failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. The condition and retention of the card is the student's responsibility. The student is responsible for all lab materials and library books taken out on the ID Card. This is true if the card is lost, stolen, borrowed or loaned to another student. Any defacing of the card shall invalidate it as a means of identification. In the event of invalidation or loss, an additional card can be secured with proof of age, identity and payment of a $5.00 replacement charge. Students transferring from another DeVry campus will be issued a local ID card when they present the ID card from the previous school.

As a service to students, the Student Services Office will assist students in organizing car pools. A list is generated indicating those students who wish to be involved as a rider or a driver. After looking through the list for students in your area, you are able to contact them for possible car-pooling arrangements.

Advising and Guidance
The Student Services Office maintains an extensive listing of counselors and hotlines. If you have a personal concern and would like professional assistance, please visit the Associate Director of Student Services.

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