Housing Assistance

Long Beach, as in any large city, offers a wide variety of living accommodations. DeVry is prepared to assist students in locating appropriate housing, which includes providing roommate and referral listings.

For questions or assistance regarding housing, please contact Student Services. DeVry is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in housing and all housing to which students are referred must comply with this policy.

Roommate and Referral Listings
If you are interested in sharing an apartment with other DeVry students, you should check the housing list in Student Services. When moving in with other students you may have one, two or three roommates, depending on the apartment units. Accommodations available in student roommate situations cover a wide range of apartments and locations. Your share of the housing related expenses will vary according to the cost of rent and utilities. In many cases apartments will be either partially or completely furnished. You will frequently be required to sign a lease and provide some portion of a security deposit.

Married Students
Married students should plan on spending a weekend or two days in the Long Beach area locating a suitable apartment. The Housing Office will provide you with assistance in locating housing.

Locating an Apartment on Your Own
Students will find a wide variety of housing options in the Long Beach area. Apartment styles range from simple no-frills units to luxury townhouses. Of course, costs vary with the features offered, but usually you can find a place and pay reasonable rent.

If you wish to find an apartment on your own, plan well in advance. Checking the newspapers, visiting apartments, submitting applications and credit references can take 6 to 8 weeks or longer. Again, local newspapers, especially Sunday editions, will be helpful. The Long Beach area has several apartment locator services. These services usually charge a fee for their assistance. Student Services can also provide you with apartment listings plus helpful hints on locating an apartment.

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