Expanding Electronic Educational Excellence

Internship Program/Senior Projects

DeVry students utilize their skills to improve the electronic educational excellence in your school. Students, beyond their third-term of education or culminating their degrees, gain valuable practical experience by helping you:

  • Upgrade computer software/hardware systems.
  • Create custom websites.
  • Improve database management.
  • Improve organizational management.
  • Optimize telecommunication systems.
  • Design efficient attendance systems.
  • And much more.

Staff Development

Utilize the educational resources at DeVry to improve the technology and business skills of your faculty and staff. Knowledgeable DeVry faculty will provide modular classroom and lab sessions for groups of educators. Utilize DeVry technology to improve the electronic educational excellence in your school.

Educator Luncheon

Gain valuable insight into industry trends and innovative education at DeVry. Educator groups tour our campus, communicate with faculty and view a multi-media presentation while enjoying lunch. This is a good opportunity to become more familiar with educational options in business and technology. 

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