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DeVry University Long Beach
3880 Kilroy Airport Way
Long Beach, CA 90806
562 997-5300
toll-free 800 597-1333

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President's Office
Academic F/T Faculty
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Name Title Ext. Email Address

President's Office
Edkins, Ivonna President  5320  iedkins@devry.edu
Xiong, Sheng  President's Secretary 5484 sxiong@devry.edu

Francis, John  Asst Dean of Academic Affairs 5553   jfrancis2@devry.edu
Zeiler, Tennille Dean of Academic Affairs 5491  tzeiler@devry.edu

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Academic F/T Faculty
Azam, Ahmed Professor 5305  aazam@devry.edu
Burris, Harrison Professor 5303  hburris@devry.edu
Hierbaum, Ron Professor 5366  rhierbaum@devry.edu
Hong, Stanley  Professor  5350   shong@devry.edu
Jalali, Muhammad Professor 5330  mjalali@devry.edu
Joseph, Lynn  Professor  5311   ljoseph@devry.edu
Leung, Alex Professor 5313  aleung@devry.edu
McFadden, Jerry Professor 5360  jmcfadde@devry.edu
Murphy, John Professor 5338  jmurphy@devry.edu
Powell, James  Professor  5396   jpowell@devry.edu
Sullivan, William  Professor  5354   wsullivan@devry.edu
Walker, Russ Professor 5331  rwalker@devry.edu

Bishop, Kelly  Sr. Director of Admissions 5430   KBishop@devry.edu
Boyer, Michele  Admissions Advisor 5422  MBoyer@devry.edu
Campbell, Mary  Operations Support Coordinator  5316   Mcampbell@devry.edu
Christie, Michael  Admissions Advisor  5422   mchristie@devry.edu
Fernandez, Loi Admissions Advisor 5422  lfernandez@devry.edu
Hutchins, Henry Admissions Advisor 5422  hhutchins@devry.edu
La, Kelly  Admissions Advisor 5422   KLa@devry.edu
McGill, Shaquan  Admissions Advisor  5422   SMcgill@devry.edu
Portillo, Connie  Admissions Advisor  5422  CPortillo@devry.edu
Richardson, Mignon  Admissions Advisor  5422   MRichardson2@devry.edu
Walker, Kimberly  Admissions Advisor  5422   Kwalker@devry.edu
High School Admissions      
Martinez, Miriam  High School Admissions Advisor  5422  MMartinez4@devry.edu 


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Rollins, John Assistant Director of ASC 5340  jrollins@devry.edu

Career Services
Hernandez, Jon Employer Liaison 5356  JHernandez33@devry.edu
Martin, Laura  Career Advisor  5541   lmartin2@devry.edu
Villanueva, Diane  Career Advisor  5542   dvillanueva@devry.edu
Yamashita, Kara Associate Director of Career Services 5582  KYamashita@devry.edu

Martinez, Rene  Maintenance Worker  5413   rmartinez@devry.edu
Rosales, Javier Facilities Manager 5407  jrosales@devry.edu

Information Technology
Santos, Desi  Support Technician II  5525


Johnson, Allen Metro IT Manager 5535 ajohnson@devry.edu
Help Desk   5511 lnghelpdesk@devry.edu

Burke, Heather


5581 HBurke@devry.edu
Straughan, Dwight Registrar Coordinator 5419   dstraughan@devry.edu
Tomaiko, Tammra Registrar 5304  ttomaiko@devry.edu
Webb, Elizabeth  Operations Support Coordinator  5513   EWebb@devry.edu 

Student Central
Felipe, Daniel  Student Finance Consultant  5490  DFelipe@devry.edu 
Finau, Mele  Operations Support Coordinator  5503  mfinau@devry.edu
Ilcken, Claudia  Student Success Coach  5416  CIlcken@devry.edu
Nguyen, Don  Student Support Advisor  5333  DNguyen@devry.edu 
Sanchez, Yajaira Student Support Advisor  5312 Yajaira.Sanchez@devryedu
Serrano, Alejandra  Student Central Mgr  5426  aserrano@devry.edu 

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