Internships/PT Jobs


An internship is an opportunity for students to gain educationally related work experience in their field of study.

The internship program establishes relationships between students, employers and DeVry University.

The Student: Students gain exposure to the business world and improve basic skills and professional competence.

The Employer: Employers have access to highly competent workers and can ascertain their potential without obligation to hire students full time upon graduation.

The University: The Internship program improves the overall educational program by offering direct experience to broaden students appreciation of their subject matter.

Part-Time Jobs

Most DeVry students work part-time to help meet living expenses. The Career Services Office assists currently enrolled students in finding part-time jobs. New students become eligible for this assistance on the first day of classes.

For student, employer or participation information, please contact your local DeVry University Career Services Office. Click here to view telephone numbers and other contact information.

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