Motor Vehicles Regulations

The motor vehicle regulations are designed to maintain convenient, safe and orderly parking for the students, faculty, staff and guests of DeVry. Signs and markings are placed in the driving and parking areas to facilitate ease of parking and a safe traffic flow. It is important to all of us that we abide by the signs.

All motor vehicles on campus must be registered and display DeVry parking permits. You must register your vehicle in the Student Services Office. You will be given a parking permit after registering your vehicle in Student Services.

Parking Permit Display
The parking permit should be hung from the rear view mirror. You are responsible for insuring your permit is easily visible. Any questions regarding permit display should be brought to the Student Services Office.

Temporary Parking Sticker
If you find it necessary to drive a vehicle other than your own, you may pick up a temporary permit in the Student Services Office. This special permit is to be displayed in the front window of the vehicle. Temporary permits are not valid for use in the visitor's area. Temporary permits are normally valid one day only.

Visitor's Lot
Only visitors may park in this area. Visitors may obtain parking permits from their host or from the receptionist.

Appealing a Violation Notice
The appeal must be a written explanation submitted to Student Services within 48 hours of the violation. Please request the appeal form from the Student Services Office.

Each vehicle operator is responsible for all violations incurred on his/her parking permit number, license plate or other identification. If you loan your car to another student, you will be responsible for any penalties assessed against your permit number.

Violations Fines
1. Occupying more than one space $10
2. Parking in non-designated areas $20
3. Parking in the Faculty-Staff/Visitors area without the appropriate sticker $10
4. No parking permit: Failure to properly display sticker $10
5. Speeding in excess of 5 miles per hour $15
6. Parking in Handicapped Zone $25

Penalties are payable at the cashier's window. Students with violations will be prohibited from registering for classes.

Any vehicle in violation of the parking regulations is subject to towing. Vehicles without permits may be towed immediately. Information on where to claim the vehicle may be obtained in the Student Services Office.

Speed Limit
The speed limit on school property is 5 m.p.h. Exceeding the speed limit or reckless operation may result in immediate suspension and a $15.00 fine.

Loitering in the Parking Lot
Loitering in the parking lot is prohibited. Possession of drugs or alcohol is also prohibited in the parking lot and violations may result in suspension.

Theft and Vandalism
Do not leave car stereos, tape decks, CD players or any valuable property in your car. If you must leave something in your car, lock it in your trunk. If something is stolen from your car, report the theft to the Student Services Office and the local Police Department. " DeVry or the Associated Student Body (ASB), is not responsible for any personal belongings which may be lost or stolen from cars while parked on the DeVry premises." Also, " DeVry University or the ASB of DeVry does not claim any responsibility for theft, fire, liability, collision or Act of God while the registered vehicle is parked on DeVry property."

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