Programs and other Alterations

Program changes should be considered very seriously before the requests are made. When you are certain you want to make a program change, see your Academic Dean to discuss implications of the move. Some questions to ask your Dean are:

  1. How many credits will transfer from one program to another?
  2. What will the other program do for me that the present one will not?
  3. Will my GPA transfer with me when I change programs?

Program changes will be implemented during continuing registration and for one week after registration.

Last Date for Course Withdrawal
The last date a student can withdraw from a class and receive a "W" is Friday of week seven. Except for highly unusual circumstances, officially withdrawing during the final four weeks of the term or failure to take the final exam will result in an "F" for the course. A student must see an academic advisor to withdraw from a class. Notifying the instructor of the intention of dropping a class does not constitute withdrawal.

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